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creating stories to communicate the threats to our living ocean

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Earth Hub Nelson

A space to meet, act on the climate crisis, and build a resilient community.

The Earth Hub is a community centre where people and groups that work around climate emergency, environmental issues, resilience and community building can meet, share knowledge and plan actions to make Nelson, and the world, a better place.

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The Ocean Voices Project

The Ocean Voices Project aims to connect people to the ocean. The project aims to collaborate teachers, free divers, scuba instructors, surfers, among others passionate about the ocean people to amplify and communicate the main threats to our ocean: climate change, pollution and harmful fishing. We partner with sport people, professionals and community members to provide them with materials, workshops and resources to effectively transmit the message of ocean conservation.

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The Voices

This are the people who speak for the Oceans

Become an Ocean Voice

All you need to know to speak for the Oceans

What can I do to help?

Achievable actions for everybody

Orgs and Groups to Join

Worldwide or local, your choice to act

Ocean Threats Fact Sheets

Quick, need-to-know facts for ocean conversations.

The Science

The science that supports what we say

Ocean Blog

Good and bad news, no fakes here, just facts.

Post to share about the Oceans

Sharing knowledge with heart is the best way to change minds into action

Ocean Presentations

Share with others the threats our ocean faces.

Ocean Resources

Educate yourself and and others about the threats to our ocean.

Sea Creatures documentary

A poetic visual story that aims to bring viewers closer to our ocean.

Ocean Plastic Dancers

A series of photos and short films highlight pollution of our ocean.

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