The Ocean Stories Trust Team


Our team at the Ocean Stories Charitable Trust

Jose G Cano

Founder & Underwater videographer

Jose G. Cano

Jose G. Cano is an underwater photographer and videographer. After 10 years working on a charity in Thailand, he moved to New Zealand, where he has been working in photography and environmental issues.



Oceanographer / Production assistant

Monica Nelson

Monica Nelson has a background in oceanography and is in charge of all scientific desktop research, compiling materials and resources, and organising the production of films and documentaries.

080122 Kung-5.jpg

Drone operator

Kung Gay Cano

Kung Gay Cano is a drone operator and also takes care of the accountancy and administration.


Other collaborators

Team of Volunteers

We have the invaluable help of many volunteers around the world. Contact us if you would like to collaborate.