Sea Creatures Documentary

Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images


This is a work in progress…

Sea Creatures is a poetic visual story that aims to bring viewers to the existential threats the creatures who inhabit the ocean face: climate change, pollution, and harmful fishing.


Sea Creatures bring together the stories of several free divers that are in close contact with the ocean creatures, their involvement in conservation , bringing together the beauty and grace of the ocean creatures and the beauty and stillness of free diving. A powerful example is the story of Natalie Parra, a Hawaiian free diver. After a near death experience, and a debilitating illness that nearly left her paralysed, Natalie returned to the oceans and decided to dedicate her life to protect them, creating Keiko Conservation.

In the documentary, Natalie embarks on a journey that will bring her to witness the threats that seven iconic sea creatures are facing. In her travels around the Pacific Ocean and South East Asia, she will meet seven remarkable women who are fighting for the oceans in different ways. From this journey of personal growth, a bond emerges between them, which will inspire direct and effective action to save the oceans from its greatest threat: humans.