Photo by SolStock/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SolStock/iStock / Getty Images

Become an Ocean Voice

We need people to speak for our oceans. Our ocean, and all it holds and provides, is seriously at risk.

Will you become a voice for the ocean? Will you tell the stories of how our ocean is suffering, that we are responsible, and call for action to better protect our ocean?

Teachers, tour guides, divers, surfers, sailors, lovers of the ocean - we need you!

By becoming an Ocean Voice you will be part of a worldwide network of advocates fighting to save our oceans. You will receive communication resources to aid your discussion of the threats our oceans face. We ask that you give presentations in person, share one of our social media posts at least once a month, and act as an ocean-conscious role model. As well as the communication and educational resources we’ll keep you up to date with the latest in ocean news and solutions.

Start spreading the word now and check out some of our post to share on social media!